Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Finally, men seem to be on the same page with women!

The male bra was launched in Japan a couple of months ago at a store called 'Wishroom' & has been selling like hot cakes, mainly online! The store sold almost 300 in the first month itself & had to waitlist customers.

The idea of a male bra originated from the owner of 'Wishroom' - a woman, of course - who knew quite a few men who were looking to "connect with their inner woman".

The male bra is a normal, underwired bra available in black, white & pink and can cost upto $30. And beat this...the Japanese have even coined a name for male boobs...they call them 'moobs'!! Yikes!!!

I think it's just a matter of time now when men start wanting to get their periods & to get pregnant. Afterall, what better way to "connect with your inner woman" than to ride the reproductive cycle!