Monday, October 25, 2010

She Does It Again

The more I see of Bipasha Basu, the more I'm getting to like her sense of style. She does city chic so well. Like this appearance of hers at a movie premiere recently.

I love the color on her. Love that she kept the accessories and make-up minimal and went with a contrasting bracelet (definitely prefer the bracelet over a neck piece). The only thing I'd change would be her golden sandals, maybe replace them with nude/camel peep-toes. The golden sandals aren't taking anything away from the overall look, just that nude peep-toes would've taken the look a notch higher.

Jimmy Choo Quiet Patent Peep Toe, $665 (

Charles David Jocelyn, $179.50 (

RSVP Katrina, $85 (

P.S.: I'm so glad her extra-long hair extensions are gone! This hairstyle looks so much better on her.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Seriously, How Good Does This Woman Look?

When Ms Basu gets it right (that is when she's not wearing a "frock", or sporting Golliwog hair, or busy ruining a Sabyasachi saree with a tacky filmy bikini blouse just 'coz she's got the bod), she gets it SO right.

These are casual appearances and not photo shoots, so the styling is most likely her own.

She's the only Indian celebrity I know who can make a ghastly dress or a tacky gown work on her...

...and look gorgeous with exaggerated make-up.

Way to go, BB!

Can I have those arms PLEASE? NOW.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Take a Bow

SO....PHEW!! Sabyasachi's flagship store in Calcutta has opened right in front of my house!

I just absolutely completely adore Sabyasachi. He makes the most beautiful clothes on earth. Breathtakingly beautiful. His designs are different from any other Indian designer around, and he's made it into the big league on his own terms, without blindly aping trends and giving in to the blinding overdose of "bling" all around in Indian fashion today. Sabyasachi's clothes spell class and that's probably why they cost an arm & a leg too.

Now, his store is really infront of my house and know's like wonderland! It looks more like a store where you can go with a book rather a place you'd go to buy clothes. Why, it's even got a cafe!!

The concept of Sabyasachi's store is as different from the regular concept of stores as Sabya's designs are from those of his contemporaries. Don't believe me? Curious? Take a look yourself...

And here's the man who created wonderland...

Photo courtesy: The Telegraph

PS: I wish I had bigger pictures.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


These pumps look so delicious I could eat them. They reflect exactly what Valentino stands for - luxury.

Can be worn on an all-black palette or with a white/off-white/nude gown.

Valentino Leather Platform Pumps

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Okay, this man I love anyway. And how cute does he look in this Indian ensemble?

Cutie all the way.....

Breet Lee for Abu Jani - Sandeep Khosla, Delhi Couture Week

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Girly" Does It

I love love love this orange-pink-grey Georges Chakra dress that Elizabeth Banks wore at the Cannes 2010 Red Carpet. It's soft, feminine, romantic and happy & playful at the same time!

I love how the soft colors come together in this swirling dress, love the flowiness of the fabric (organza), the shoulder detail and how she's kept the entire look so soft & feminine. It's such a "girly" dress, I'm lovin' it!!

BUT (and there's always a 'but', isn't there? :) I can't help feeling I would've loved the dress much more without the trail. Then again, that's me...I'm not a big fan of sweeping trails and I have a thing for short dresses ;)

She paired the dress with satin nude pumps. Another great choice! Absolutely Fabulous!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

And It Just Got Better!

After a stellar appearance in a pink/fuschia pleated gown at the Cannes Film Festival, Aishwarya Rai gives us another Ab Fab appearance in a - hold your breath - Sabyasachi saree!!

She paired her ombre & gold embroidered saree with a dark green velvet blouse. I would've prefered a deep red blouse given the ombre base of the saree, but then that might have become too conventional. There's nothing to fault with this look.

She kept her accessories to a minimum, kept her neck bare. She also kept her make-up as nude as it could get. I thought both were excellent decisions - she let the saree be the center of attention.

I love Sabya. He's so different from the other Indian designers and his clothes are so breath-takingly beautiful that even something that's mediocre by his standards, looks exquisite. To me in any case!

Hoping we get more Sabya sightings in the days to come when she gets busy promoting 'Raavan' at Cannes :)

Nailing It

Aishwarya Rai finally got her look completely right. Nailed it. She wore a fuschia Gucci gown to the premiere of 'Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps' at Cannes.

I love the color of her gown, love the mute make-up, love that she didn't over-do the accessories. The hair is perfect. And it also proves the point I made on my other blog about empire waistlines looking wayyy better on her than hip-hugging gowns.

The only grouse I have is to do with the untoned arms & back. I know, I know...we should cut her some slack, but then as someone mentioned "she's a movie star...she's part of the glamour industry...not a soccer mom". She really should pay attention to her body. She has confessed many times that she doesn't gym but I think it's about time she started. Afterall, gravity is known to do very unkind things to ageing women. And at 37/38, ageing she surely is.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Lust Edition: Office Chic

Roberto Cavalli Suede Ankle Strap SandalsLanvin Crinkled Patent Leather Sandals
Jimmy Choo Private Patent Leather Sandals
Donna Karan Linen Canvas Platform Sandals
Christian Louboutin Ronette 140 Sandals
Chloe Wood & Canvas Wedges Stella McCartney Cork Platform Sandals

Lust Edition: F.i.e.r.c.e.

Giuseppe Zanotti Strappy Leather Sandals - Perfect for pairing with a snug fitting LBD or a short white dress, sans embellishments.

Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Gladiator Heel Sandals - Great for a night out. Think electric or midnight blue, fuschia, purple....or good ol' black :)

Miu Miu Leather Multi-Strap Sandals - Perfect for day wear with a short, snug dress.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Burberry Prorsum Knotted Skirt Trench

I'm in love with this ivory Burberry Prorsum knotted skirt trench coat, and I think Victoria Beckham wears it very well (pic below). The impact is heightened by the belt, the bag she's carrying, her shades and nude make-up. What a terribly chic look for a cloudy day!

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For those who're salivating at this trench, it's on sale at for a cool £2,376.84. That's 1,62,529.87 in Indian Rupees. Go hurry!! :)

Understated Elegance

This is one outfit (Twinkle's, not Akshay's :) that I've really really liked in a long time. We see celebrities in all kinds of outfits all the time, but there are some that remain with you long after you've seen them. This is one such, for me in any case.

I think this white chikan (Abu Sandeep?) salwaar-kameez that Twinkle has on is BEAUTIFUL. It has such intricate embroidery, yet is so understated & elegant. And I like that the only pop of color comes from the green earrings. It also re-inforces the thumb rule I swear by while shopping for clothes - when it comes to clothes, the fit is everything.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sonam Kapoor in Anamika Khanna

Sonam Kapoor is fast emerging as Bollywood's latest fashionista. I don't care much for her as an actress but I do like her sense of style. Sometimes classy, at times quirky but mostly chic. She can make even seemingly disparate ensembles work. And she can carry off kitsch quite confidently.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her appearance in this Grecian toga-esque Anamika Khanna outfit with heavy kundan necklaces and gladiator sandals at the IIFA 2009 Awards.

So Greeak Goddess! How beautiful is that dress of hers! Of course, it helps to be flat, if you know what I mean :(

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