Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Take a Bow

SO....PHEW!! Sabyasachi's flagship store in Calcutta has opened right in front of my house!

I just absolutely completely adore Sabyasachi. He makes the most beautiful clothes on earth. Breathtakingly beautiful. His designs are different from any other Indian designer around, and he's made it into the big league on his own terms, without blindly aping trends and giving in to the blinding overdose of "bling" all around in Indian fashion today. Sabyasachi's clothes spell class and that's probably why they cost an arm & a leg too.

Now, his store is really infront of my house and know's like wonderland! It looks more like a store where you can go with a book rather a place you'd go to buy clothes. Why, it's even got a cafe!!

The concept of Sabyasachi's store is as different from the regular concept of stores as Sabya's designs are from those of his contemporaries. Don't believe me? Curious? Take a look yourself...

And here's the man who created wonderland...

Photo courtesy: The Telegraph

PS: I wish I had bigger pictures.

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