Friday, June 26, 2009

Death of a Star

Another example of the spectacular downfall of a star. Sad it had to happen this way. He was an achiever, a phenomenon & he's left behind an indelible mark on pop music, for he alone was called the 'King of Pop'.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Finger Lickin' Good

Conversation with ‘The Boy’ (A) yesterday:

Me : What are you doing after work?

Boy: Going swimming.

Me: Why’re you going swimming? Let’s do something.

Boy (1 second pause): We will. I’ll go swimming, you’re going to gym!

Me: I am?

Boy: Yes.

10 minutess later, I receive this text:

“I’ll come over after swimming. Will get KFC for dinner.”

Now we were talking! I have KFC cravings just like I have pizza, Chinese food & Italian food cravings. The post-consumption guilt associated with KFC is lesser if you feel you’ve earned it, so I dragged myself to gym.

I finished gym & called him:

Me: I’m done gymming. When are you getting KFC?

Boy: You just gymmed, no?

Me (Alarm bells going off inside my head like atoms spinning in a nuclear reactor): Yes, so?

Boy: So no KFC for you. I’m getting Subway.

Me: No fucking way!

Boy: But you love Subway.

Me: I do. But you can’t promise me KFC & give me Subway! I went to gym so I could eat KFC!

Boy: How shameless you are!

Me: I don’t care. Come fast & you better have a bag of KFC on you.

And that’s how I got my KFC :)