Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Understated Elegance

This is one outfit (Twinkle's, not Akshay's :) that I've really really liked in a long time. We see celebrities in all kinds of outfits all the time, but there are some that remain with you long after you've seen them. This is one such, for me in any case.

I think this white chikan (Abu Sandeep?) salwaar-kameez that Twinkle has on is BEAUTIFUL. It has such intricate embroidery, yet is so understated & elegant. And I like that the only pop of color comes from the green earrings. It also re-inforces the thumb rule I swear by while shopping for clothes - when it comes to clothes, the fit is everything.

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Moonshine said...

It does look gorgeous!!!!

Scarlett said...

The chikan work on the suit is so pretty. And I love the fit!!