Monday, May 17, 2010

Nailing It

Aishwarya Rai finally got her look completely right. Nailed it. She wore a fuschia Gucci gown to the premiere of 'Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps' at Cannes.

I love the color of her gown, love the mute make-up, love that she didn't over-do the accessories. The hair is perfect. And it also proves the point I made on my other blog about empire waistlines looking wayyy better on her than hip-hugging gowns.

The only grouse I have is to do with the untoned arms & back. I know, I know...we should cut her some slack, but then as someone mentioned "she's a movie star...she's part of the glamour industry...not a soccer mom". She really should pay attention to her body. She has confessed many times that she doesn't gym but I think it's about time she started. Afterall, gravity is known to do very unkind things to ageing women. And at 37/38, ageing she surely is.

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