Monday, May 17, 2010

And It Just Got Better!

After a stellar appearance in a pink/fuschia pleated gown at the Cannes Film Festival, Aishwarya Rai gives us another Ab Fab appearance in a - hold your breath - Sabyasachi saree!!

She paired her ombre & gold embroidered saree with a dark green velvet blouse. I would've prefered a deep red blouse given the ombre base of the saree, but then that might have become too conventional. There's nothing to fault with this look.

She kept her accessories to a minimum, kept her neck bare. She also kept her make-up as nude as it could get. I thought both were excellent decisions - she let the saree be the center of attention.

I love Sabya. He's so different from the other Indian designers and his clothes are so breath-takingly beautiful that even something that's mediocre by his standards, looks exquisite. To me in any case!

Hoping we get more Sabya sightings in the days to come when she gets busy promoting 'Raavan' at Cannes :)


Moonshine said...

She is looking quite beautiful!!!! The sari is exquisite!!!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Is it just me or do you think her age has started showing on her face? She's 37/38 after all.