Monday, February 23, 2009

Fusion Curry at the Oscars

A R Rahman performs 'O Saya', followed by a performance of 'Down to Earth' from Wall-E by John Legend (after Peter Gabriel, the original singer pulled out of the performance because the producers of the Academy Awards decided to present the 3 songs nominated in the Original Score category as a medley & allotted only 65 secs to Gabriel).

Then Rehman comes back with 'Jai Ho'. The track has been modified to give it a fusion feel. Towards the end of his performance, Rahman is joined by Legend & both sing their respective songs side by side, Rahman very careful not to drown out Legend's voice with a high-pitch rendition of 'Jai Ho'. We like :)

What we didn't like was Sukhvinder Singh's opening act being cancelled by the producers and Rahman not mentioning him & Gulzar in his acceptance speech. But this isn't time to be petty, is it? :)


Moonshine said...

I loved the performance.. esp the last part .. a fusion of both songs.. quite melodious it was!!!

Scarlett said...

It was! A R Rahman is so shy though :)