Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bing is Back!

Brett Lee is fit to play & will be playing today! He's such a pleasure to watch! Not only b/c of his pace but also b/c of his attitude, sportsmanship & ofcourse, his cute smile. Cutie he is!

Now that he's back, hope Sreesanth is out of the playing 11. I hate Sreesanth. The way he behaves on field, no wonder he's earned nicknames such as 'Appam C*****a'! No other word could describe him better than the 'C' word.

I mean, the guy gets slapped around for sixes & fours by Hayden throughout the over, and has the audacity to sledge him after ousting him!!

Actually, he's quite disgusting. Such an over-rated bowler and has an attitude from hell. The slap he got from Harbhajan Singh was so well deserved, I feel.

On the other hand, we have bowlers such as Brett Lee, Glenn McGrath & Anil Kumble. They're such better bowlers as compared to Sreesanth, so much more accomplished...yet there isn't an ounce of cockiness in them. You will never find them sledging batsmen. They celebrate wickets with their teammates, not by yelling at the ousted batsmen or making disgusting faces at them.

I think one of these big burly Australian cricketers, like Hayden or Symonds, who are twice Sreesanth's size should just beat him to pulp one of these days.


Moonshine said...

I love Brett Lee too.. and hate Sreesanth! Very irritating guy!!!!

Scarlett said...

I've seen Brett Lee...really cute! And really tall too! Sreesanth makes a fool of himself all the time. More so with the retarded break-dance he keeps on doing. Apparently, all the players have been calling him 'Appam' these days :)

Moonshine said...

Where did you see Brett Lee?????????????

Scarlett said...

In Bombay, way 2004 if I remember correctly. The Australian team was visiting India. Saw him at the Taj...didn't see the others though :(