Thursday, December 18, 2008


I love Subway!

There was a time not too long ago, 2-3 years ago to be precise, when I was no great fan of Subway food. I wondered what the big deal about Subway was! After all, they just sold sandwiches. I felt they were over-hyped because they were an American chain and because of the “yuppie” factor associated with “health food” such as sandwiches, suchi etc. Besides, I always found Subway to be overpriced. I mean, 100 bucs for a sandwich…no way!!

But about 2 years ago I got converted! I don’t know exactly when or how I started loving Subway, to the extent that I sometimes get Subway cravings & I’m satisfied only after I get myself a sub!!

My favorites are Chicken Seekh Sub, Subway Melt (turkey, ham & bacon), Italiam B.M.T. (ham, pepperoni & salami) & Spicy Italian (pepperoni & salami). They also have chocolate chip cookies to die for, and they’ve recently introduced rich dark chocolate truffle pastry that they serve hot!!

I absolutely love the Honey Mustard & Southwest sauces.

They also serve breakfast all day, which makes them even more endearing. They have these awesome cheese & egg, ham & egg and bacon & egg subs. Don't you just love to have such breakfast food for dinner or in the middle of the night?

I have still not managed to become a fan of Subway salads, and I doubt I ever will because I generally feel eating salads is a royal waste of time & digestive juices that can be used to digest other far more evolved & delicious forms of food.

The most enjoyable part of having a sub though is getting the sub made as per your specifications. You get to choose the ingredients that go in your sub. I get such happiness once my sub is ready, it’s like I made it myself!!

I think I can have Subway for lunch everyday…..


Serendipity said...

Moron. did u have to put such yummy pictures ? {sigh}

Also, i LOVEEEE the double chocolate chip cookie

Scarlett said...

Try the rich chocolate truffle next time :)

burizadokanyon said...

its the same heere. i never used to like those b4. but then i ma seld dunnno when i strt likig it. chiken teriyaki is one of ma favorites with additives of choice.

burizadokanyon said...

hey u know, we had been to barbeque nation. its too too good. its amazing the food is real good. and specially the starters in the sticks tat u can roast over the tandoor and apply sauces. i mean it cool. tats the best part. main course is kinda ok. ntg special. but but but, the desserts are too good avoid either of them.
specially brownie. class apart.

Scarlett said...

I never made it to Barbeque Nation though I lived in Bandra. Now I feel stupid for having missed out on it :(