Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today's Fortune

My fortune on Orkut today : The guy who reads your fortune lost his psychic powers (and his job). We hope you are feeling lucky.

Hilarious! I wonder how they come up with such random fortunes!


Nimit DJ said...

mine to gave similar hilarious ones many a times... nice to know you're on orkut, u can connect to me simply by sending invite on my mail ID... see you then!

Moonshine said...

Yeah, orkut astrology is usally quite funny.. once i subscribed to it on my phone... some of it very right too (once was teling a colleague of mine that today is not my day when the message came asking me to keep away from people at work lol).... will always bring a smile to your face!!! :)

Random Words said...

So are you feeling lucky???

Scarlett said...

@Nimit - No thanks dude. I'm alright :)

@Moonshine - Sometimes Orkut astrology is not astrology at all! Stuff like...the world is full of people...or love is everywhere..it usually IS quite amusing!

@ Random Words - Yes I'm definitely feeling lucky that I'll be getting my increments this year :)