Friday, January 16, 2009

Love, Actually

I purchased four DVDs this week – Love Actually, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason & The Holiday.

When a couple of movie enthusiasts in office came to know which movies I bought, they balked. They asked me why I didn’t buy movies that are more realistic….serious, moving, heartrending movies.

I agree the movies I bought are by no means cerebral movies or classics, but my idea of buying movies is simple – I want to buy movies I would watch time & again. Such as ‘Love Actually’, ‘Bridget Jones’ & 'The Holiday'.

We have so many bad days in life. Days when we feel generally low or depressed (they certainly outnumber the days I come back home from work feeling on top of the world!) On such days, don’t we all wish to unwind with a light-hearted, funny movie? I know I do! So why would I want to buy movies that will depress me even further?

Love Actually is a brilliant movie, for those who haven’t watched it yet. It’s a perfect Christmas movie (haven’t come across a more heart-warming Christmas movie) but can also be watched any time of the year for feel-good factor. It’s nine stories in one, the characters related to each other by extension. The stories take place in London and culminate on Christmas eve.

There is a young couple who has just gotten married. The groom’s best friend video-records the marriage ceremony. The girl (Keira Knightly) later asks him for the tape, which he says is lost. One day she lands up at his house, insisting on looking for the tape herself, and finds it lying right in front of her! As she’s watching the tape, she realizes that the guy has been in love with her all along!

There is a man (Liam Neeson) who has just lost his wife & is left to take care of his pre-teen step-son with whom he has practically no bonding. However, in the process of helping his son win over the girl he (the son) is in love with, they come closer.

There is another girl (Laura Linney) with a brother who is in an asylum and a not-so-hidden crush on one of her exotic-looking colleagues. Finally, she & the colleague come together but just when they are having an intimate moment, there is a call from the brother who has had some kind of an attack. She eventually ends up breaking up with the guy because she always chooses to be with her brother, who because of his illness has a tendency to get violent.

There is an author (Colin Firth, people!!) whose wife has left him for his younger & more attractive brother (how could she! lol :). He moves to France to get some quiet time alone & continue writing his book, where he ends up falling in love with his Portugese housekeeper who speaks not a word of English or French! He does not speak Portugese either. They go their separate ways only to get reunited months later when he has learnt enough Portugese to ask her father to let his daughter marry him, in Portugese.

There is a much-married-with-kids man (Alan Rickman – Snape from Harry Potter movies!!) who is smitten by his Secretary, who keeps hitting on him. He buys her a diamond ring for Christmas, which the wife happens to see but thinks it’s a Christmas gift for her. When instead he gives her a CD on Christmas Eve, she realizes what is going on!

There is a couple who end up falling in love while shooting an erotic movie.

There is a guy who is desperate to get laid but is not able to in London. So he decides to travel to America because he thinks American women will dig him for being British.

Then there is the Prime Minister of Britain (the delicious Hugh Grant) who, the moment he steps into 10, Downing, is smitten with Natalie, his catering manager who had already screwed up at the first minute, and is marked by other staff for being rather ‘chunky’. The two share a back-stage kiss during the climax when the curtains are yanked, and there they are…exposed to the world!!

And finally there is an old rocker (Bill Nighy) who is climbing back up the charts after battling a heroin addiction, is on the radio & TV either trashing his new CD, insulting his manager or a new hearthrob boy band, or calling Britney Spears the worst sex he's ever had, and who promises to go naked on national television if his latest CD (which he has been trashing) does well! And it does! And he does go naked!!

The characters in Love Actually are falling in love, falling out of love. Some are with right people, some with wrong. It’s a snapshot of reality – love begins and love ends, and there’s not much we can do about it except accept it. Though the movie ends on a very happy, uplifting note.

My favorite scene in the movie is part of the track with the couple who’s just gotten married. It’s Christmas eve, they’re at home. Suddenly the bell rings. The girl gets the door. It’s the guy’s best friend, and he tells her through placards that maybe by Christmas next year, he'll be dating some hot woman, but for him she's perfect & he'll love her till the very end.

I'm planning to watch the movie this weekend. But why am I in such a mushy-gushy mood? How do I know??!! And who cares!!

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love is all around me
And so the feeling grows
It's written on the wind
It's everywhere I go
So if you really love me
Come on & let it show
You know I love you, I always will
My minds made up by the way that I feel
There's no beginning, there'll be no end
Cause on my love you can depend....


Moonshine said...

My favourite movie i think.. its mushy.. so utterly romantic.. and i think i have seen it a zillion times!!! A perfect movie to watch on a nice rainy day.. or a nice sunny day.. actually any day!!! :)

Scarlett said...

My absolute favorite too! There isn't another movie which is as feel-good as Love Actually. It's utterly heart-warming, and as you said, can be watched on any day! I remember once I spent the night at one of my friend's place. We started with Love Actually, went on to watch two other romantic movies (one of them was Meet Joe Black). We woke up the next morning & watched Love Actually again!!

Random Words said...

Though i am not much in to romantic movies, but Love Actually is an exception by far. It definetly puts up a smile on your face. The characters and stories are so natural (except the British PM one). An all time favorite...

Random Words said...

And the title track "Love is all around me" is fantastic. It just keeps on lingering in your head and you will keep humming it all the time. A perfect 'feel good' factor which makes you feel like falling in love all over again!

Scarlett said...

@Random Words - I'm not too much into romantic movies too, now. The thing about Love Actually is not so much that it's a romantic movie, but that it's a feel-good movie. You can't not feel better by the time you're done watching the movie.

Scarlett said...

Don't even tell me about 'Love is all around me'! Once I start singing it, it just doesn't get out of my head!!